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System Summary for UL System FC2035
System Index Description: Chase Wall. Max. 4" PVC or ABS (DWV or closed) or max 2" CPVC (closed). Wrap Strip or Factory Collar.
Construction: Floor/Ceiling Assemblies
Penetrant: Non-metallic Pipes/Tubing
Primary Product Used: RED Wrap Strip
Sealing Method: N/A
F Ratings: 1 Hr
T Ratings: 1 Hr

1. Floor-Ceiling Assembly: Lumber/plywood subfloor, wood/truss joists, and gypsum board ceiling (UL L500 Design).
2. Chase Wall: Gypsum board/wood stud wall assembly (UL U300 Design).
3. Nonmetallic Pipe: Max 4" PVC or ABS (vented or closed) or 2" CPVC (closed only).
4A. Firestop Wrap Strip: SpecSeal RED Wrap Strip (see system for details).
4B. Steel Collar: SSWRC2 Metal Restraining Collar.
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